Photography restoration

workingcopy1org1What our photo restoration customers say about us…

“I contacted Fielder Photography to enquire about restoring some damage to an old family photograph. It was one of those jobs we’d intended to do for some time, but put off thinking it would be expensive and difficult to do. I was over the moon with the service I received from Gary Fielder; he was down to earth, professional and really enthusiastic about doing the restoration. He made sure we were completely satisfied with the restoration; carrying out a couple of re-workings before processing the final print. We now have a lovely restored old photograph plus electronic copy to share with all our family. I would not hesitate to use Fielder photography again or to recommend him to others.” – Theresa Grammauro – Burnham

Your precious old photographs can be restored, repaired, modified and copied to enable you and others to relive precious memories from the past

The original photograph would need to be viewed for assessment or you can email a scanned version along with a description of your requirements. Your photograph is scanned and the digital imaged manipulated to correct the flaws, then the new version is printed professionally on archive quality photo paper.

Cost of restoration is dependant on amount of restorative work needed as follows:

IMG_002RitaLEVEL ONE: Repairing very basic damage, improving contrast, repair or retouch one small scratch or blemish, but otherwise only minor retouching – from £20 

LEVEL TWO: Repairing moderate damage. Moderate amount of retouching repairs to cracks and corners, removing spots and blemishes, as long as these do not pass through faces – around £20 to £40

LEVEL THREE: Repairing extensive damage. Badly damaged photos extensively retouched, including repair of damage to faces, restoration of all missing corners and edges, repair of scratches, tears, lines, creases, etc. Matching contrast, lighting around – from £40 – £100



The restoration includes a single archive quality print of the restored image at the original size or nearest standard equivalent. Additional copies may be purchased.

Enlargements are also available but may require additional restoration work.

Your restored image can be printed on a boxed frame canvas or other media.

Electronic versions also available.